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Newcastle Herald Articles

EDITORIAL: Extraction issue has to be investigated: The impact of large-scale, 21st-century-style resource extraction on nearby residents is an issue that governments haven’t addressed.

People can suffer in many ways when extractive operations begin operating near their homes. Noise, dust, fouled water, vibration, bright lights at night and heavy vehicle traffic are the most obvious issues.



POLL: Mining destroys Hunter property values: Millions of dollars have been wiped off the value of Hunter rural and residential properties adjoining mining projects, with some losing 30per cent of their value over the past five years.

Some property owners, who describe themselves as the mining boom’s ‘‘collateral damage’’, are considering taking legal action to claim compensation for losses incurred to the value of their properties.

‘‘While the government crows about being able to access the royalties for the benefit of taxpayers in NSW, it’s at the cost of those rural land owners who are in that target area,’’ Hunter Valley Wine Industry Association representative Ian Napier said. ‘‘There is no just compensation for those people.’’