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Guardian Australia – “Australian minister: I never saw advice against coal port at Great Barrier Reef”

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Lenore Taylor, political editor, Guardian Australia, Friday 26 April 2013 13.08 BST
Australia's environment minister said he never saw advice that a proposed coal port posed "extreme" risks – including threats to endangered turtles and a species of dolphin – at the Great Barrier Reef.

Campaigners said Tony Burke should have ruled out the Fitzroy Terminal as soon as the government received the strongly worded warnings, rather than allow the company to undertake a lengthy environmental impact statement. Continue reading

David can beat Goliath – with a little help from The Australia Institute

This week’s decision by the NSW Land and Environment Court to overturn the Warkworth mine expansion was a wonderful victory for the small community of Bulga in the Hunter Valley and for the NSW Environmental Defenders Office.

The Australia Institute is proud to have provided a critique of Rio Tinto's economic analysis, which helped to overturn the mine’s expansion. The court accepted my testimony that the mine wouldn't create many jobs, rather, it would simply cannibalise them from other mines and the manufacturing industry.

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We need to keep our tree clearing laws!

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Protect Queensland’s Endangered Forests and Wildlife Habitat

We need to keep our tree clearing laws!

Hi everyone

In the past twelve months we have seen an unprecedented attack on the laws that have been put in place over 3 decades of hard work and with the strong support of the community.

Now – unbelievably – the laws that finally brought an end to the clearing and devastation of Queensland’s endangered regrowth forests, bushland and riverine vegetation are under being torn up!  Continue reading

‘How We Stopped James Price Point Gas Hub’ by Peter Robertson

'How We Stopped James Price Point Gas Hub'

By Peter Robertson

Woodside Energy has dumped its Kimberley gas project after copping some hefty reputational costs. It’s a win for campaigners like Peter Robertson who sought to expose a sham approvals process

People power has prevented a massive environmental, social and economic disaster in the Kimberley – the proposed James Price Point gas processing plant. Corporate spin doctors and media peddle the notion that the decision by Woodside Energy to dump their onshore LNG project was an economic one, but the facts suggest otherwise. Continue reading

Australia: still officially the safest place for mining investment in the world

Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer| Apr 08, 2013 12:53PM

Despite the apocalyptic rhetoric from the mining industry and the opposition, Australia continues to be ranked as the world’s safest place for mining investment. Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer report.

Australia remains the world’s safest place for mining investment, an independent US analyst has declared, again undermining constant claims from the mining sector and the Coalition that the government has destroyed the industry’s competitiveness. Continue reading