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Mining changes Regions

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THE Australia Institute's Mark Ogge will speak at the a free public forum at the Supper Room at the Bundaberg Civic Centre on Monday at 7pm. In the article below Mr Ogge lays out the effect mining has on the communities it touches.

SO FAR, the Bundaberg region has escaped the large gas and coal projects that have transformed neighboring regions including Mackay and Gladstone.

This could soon change with the entire Wide Bay-Burnett region covered with coal oil and gas exploration licenses, including the towns of Bundaberg, Avondale and Rosedale. The region could now be subject to coal mines, coal seam gas, shale gas, oil shale or underground gasification projects. Continue reading

Newman Government explores establishing shale gas industry in Queensland – Courier Mail 16 July 2013

Source: Newman Government explores establishing shale gas industry in Queensland - Courier Mail 16 July 2013
John McCarthy

QUEENSLAND could have its own shale gas industry within two years, the State Government says. Government briefing notes for Environment Minister Andrew Powell show there are 16 shale gas exploration programs in the state.

But it warns any development would need numerous wells and an extensive expansion of the gas pipeline network to be viable. It would also use the controversial process known as fracking, which will put the fledgling industry on course for a battle with environmentalists.

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Dan Rather Reports – Great Barrier Grief

For those who don't know, Cheryl Watson has been a stalwart campaigner against the misinformation and spin campaigns put out by those who want the local community to believe that LNG is not deleterious to the environment around Gladstone.
Dan Rather Reports was on the Harbour Cruise when this incident occurred and it is illustrative of the division around the issue that exists in the Gladstone Community.
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Behind the Scenes

Excerpt from the program

Promo video for June 11 2013