An open letter to Chris Hartcher, MP (NSW)

Dear Sir,

I wish to let you know that I am vastly offended by your characterisation of the anti CSG movement as being of environmental extremists. I am a well educated middle class mother who lives in a country town. I have no criminal record, nor have I ever worn dreadlocks or chained myself to anything.

I have made it my business to become better informed about the CSG industry, and the more I read the less I like it. The movement is wide, full of people from all walks of life, full of well educated and talented people who wish that politicians thought a little further ahead than their next sound bite.

I won't detail why CSG is a bad idea here, you should do some research on your own. Better yet, talk to your constituents instead of industry lobbyists.

Having just been through the worst flood in living memory, you must admit I have a personal interest in reducing the effects of climate change. I just wish politicians such as yourself would take ordinary people's concerns on board.

Yours Sincerely,
Anna Hitchcock
Bundaberg North

PS This letter was written in response to this article: