Clive Palmer and water security in the Galilee Basin

Click here for the "Palmer Drama" 4 Corners episode.

For those concerned about the total impacts of the mines on regional groundwater, there is also on the same page an excellent interview with the former manager of water allocation for the Qld Government, Tom Crothers.

To hear his interview in full (12 minutes), click here (same link as before) and under the little picture of Clive Palmer with a dinosaur on the right, click on the lowest video link.

Thank you to Galilee Basin Alliance for the heads up on this interview.

Summary of the 4 Corners episode:
Monday 25 November 2013

He's a new breed of politician, never before seen in Australia - a man who uses his personal wealth to win political power.

Clive Palmer says he's bankrolled the Palmer United Party to give voice to millions of Australians who can't afford a lobbyist, but can we take him at his word?

Next on Four Corners, reporter Marian Wilkinson examines the rise and rise of Clive Palmer in politics and business, and investigates how the two are connected. She spends time with the newly elected Member for Fairfax in Queensland. She speaks to key political players, including former members of the Queensland Liberal National Party, a party Palmer once so readily supported but now wants to replace.

What she discovers is a complex web of financial and political connections that potentially make him one of the richest and most powerful men in Australia.

At the same time, she uncovers crucial information that suggests Palmer's rise could be followed by an equally rapid fall if things don't go the way he plans.