10 March 2015

Smoke pollution gas flare March 2015 1 10.03.15

Smoke pollution gas flare March 2015 2 10.03.15

Fine Imposed: $8538

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QGC fined for LNG flare smoke incident on Curtis Island
23rd Oct 2015 10:50 AM

QGC has been fined $8538 for causing an environmental nuisance after a flare released a plume of black smoke at its Curtis Island LNG plant.

An infringement notice was issued to QGC following EHP's investigation into the release of smoke on March 10 from a flare near Gladstone.

Subsequent black smoke events are still being investigated.

Gas flares are designed to provide a safe means of dealing with gas that cannot be used in the process and is authorised under conditions in QGC's Environmental Authority.

The State Government operates a network of seven air quality monitoring stations across the Gladstone region to monitor contaminant levels at sensitive places such as residences, and measurements during the black smoke events have not exceeded the air quality standard.

Live air monitoring data is available online at the Department of Environmental and Heritage Protection website.

Any member of the community concerned about flares are encouraged to contact the department's pollution hotline on 1300 130 372.