MYTH: Solar Causes Higher Electricity Prices

Source: or click here. What is really driving higher electricity network costs… … and how can they be fairly shared between consumers? This report, prepared for CPD by the Australian PV Institute (APVI), is the first to examine the interaction of new technologies with network tariffs, rather than wholesale electricity prices. Key findings include: […]

Power bill high? ‘Gold plating’ is the real cause.

Jan Arens Profiteering after privatising is what made our electricity prices the one of highest in the world. Let no one tell you that the increase is due to the carbon tax or renewable targets, that is only $4 of your electricity bill. 51 per cent of each household bill is spent on network costs, […]

Myth: Harbour water quality has improved

The footage in this video (produced 2014) was taken in 2008.

Myth: Wind Farms kill raptors (Eagles, kites etc)

Original source here: Wind farm researcher debunks bird ‘myths’ First published: Tuesday 29 October 2013 8:45AM By: Dr Cindy Hull Dr Cindy Hull is an avian ecologist who investigates claims that wind farms kill birds and bats in large numbers. Dr Hull writes that misinformation has muddied the waters on this issue, adding that […]