Who Factsheets are written for and how to use them.

These factsheets are meant for busy people who have become aware of a topic of interest to them and want to gain an overview of it. Factsheets draw on many sources and are reliable information. They should be printed on a single double sided A4 sheet for ease of handing out in hard copy at shops, meetings and events.

There are several series of factsheets available - this page contains the Gladstone and Bundaberg series.


The Gladstone series is about aspects involved in Gladstone’s transition from a ‘fossil-fuel based’ economy to a ‘green’ economy.


Gladstone needs Renewable Energy Now

This covers: Introduction -- The latest developments -- Financial forces -- Benefits from low cost electricity -- Who is investing -- who opposes transition -- Conclusion.

Gladstone’s Future - Jobs Based on Renewable Energy

This covers: Introduction -- Current Heavy Industries -- Price of Electricity needed -- Cost of Renewable Electricity are coming down fast -- Advantages of Gladstone -- Current Developments -- Bringing the Parties together - and what we can do.  Find the related video for this factsheet at https://youtu.be/TTldLA5yVNs


A tale of two fuels – comparison between a hydrogen and a petrol car

This covers: Vehicles and Performances -- Observations -- The future


Thermal coal in terminal decline

This covers: Climate change is real -- The choice is ours -- Batteries -- Pumped Hydro -- Green Hydrogen -- Finance -- Obstacles to growth -- Jobs in Thermal Coal -- Jobs in Renewable Energy.


Gladstone: a hydrogen – ammonia centre

This covers: Introduction -- Hydrogen Fuel Cells (HFC) -- Proven in practice -- Advantages of Hydrogen -- Drawbacks of Hydrogen -- Advantages of Ammonia -- Risks are well understood -- Drawback of Ammonia -- New Research -- The future


Gladstone coal-gasification project - Environmental and Economic Impacts

This covers: The Proposed Gladstone Energy and Ammonia Project -- Aspects of Concern: Greenhouse gasses -– Fines, bottom ash and fly-ash handling -- Marketing and Transport -- Economic and Employment aspects -- Ecological aspects -- Summary


A Green Economy for Gladstone – a community led discussion paper 2019

This covers: Green manufacturing -- Green Hydrogen -- Electric Vehicle Assembly -- Carbon Farming -- Biochar -- Domestic Solar



The Bundaberg series is about stopping Coal Seam Gas mining and currently Coking-coal mining in the area from Maryborough to Gladstone. The CSG exploration licences were withdrawn after a focused and widely supported campaign. However, exploration licences can be re-issued.

Shale Oil and Fracking in the Wide Bay Burnett area

This covers:   Background -- How the Gas is brought to the Surface --  Claimed benefits -- Threats beyond Agriculture --  What we can do.


Stop a coal mine next to Bundy

This covers: Last year it was gas -- Now it is coal -- The story so far -- Our Bundy campaign -- The Regional Planning Interest Act -- A state-wide campaign -- What can you do -- Signing on is important.


About Fox Resources’ MDL 3040

This covers: About Fox Resources Ltd -- Directors -- History -- Geological data -- Promoting the project -- Other stakeholders -- Mining Development Lease MDL 3040 -- geology and mining effects on underground water -- Location and health effects --Current economic value of agriculture and tourism is huge and rising -- Coking-coal’s economic value is diminishing -- Comments.


Coking coal is on its way out

This covers: Fox Resources and some ministers are wrong -- Hydrogen successfully used for making steel -- Competition between steel makers -- Giants, 256 m tall, to reduce the cost of renewable energy -- Australia’s response to this new technology -- Proposing an open-cut coking coal mine near Bundaberg makes no sense.


Seawater Intrusion

This covers: Summary -- Coal Mines and Groundwater -- Protecting Bundaberg Groundwater from Seawater Intrusion since 1970 -- Effects of a Coal Mine: Cutting off and Reversing Water-flows -- Recycling Mining Water not an Option -- Granting MDL 3040 will lead to serious Economic and Social Damage.


Poster: Stop a Coal Mine

Double sided handout with map of MDL3040 and summarised information for use at markets etc.