Submission Channel Duplication

This is a submission about the proposed duplication of the shipping channel in Gladstone Harbour. You can find all the documentation here - it's a lot of data so please ensure you are on an unmetered connection.

Submissions must be received by 4.30pm Thursday 23rd May 2019.

To make a submission, please fill in the details below. We have created a draft submission for you, but we encourage you to add your own thoughts, or edit it as you see fit.

This doesn’t have to be technical or formal, just a statement about how you feel about the proposal. Often, the government only hears from the companies involved and maybe the local Council. Your input is important.

Please note that submissions are usually on the public record, so please keep it polite and respectful.

You will need to provide your real name and details, just like a Parliamentary Petition.

Submission re the Proposed Channel Duplication in Gladstone Harbour

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