Membership ($5)

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Why become a member of Gladstone Conservation Council?

Your membership fees of $5 per person:

- help us to continue the work we are doing - bringing environmental issues to the attention of decision makers and communicating directly to you the ways you can change what those decisions are.

-  help to cover our insurance, which then covers you if you are sitting on a stall, or marching in a demonstration.

- As a member you will get access to quality information about different environmental topics to keep you up to date. There is a lot of misinformation out there, some of it deliberate. We want to keep the debate rational and informed.

- (Under Construction - available soon) As an electronic member you will get access to electronic code to allow you to put an "I support Gladstone Conservation Council" badge on your website or blog. We're hoping to get some stickers printed as well - who doesn't love a good political sticker?

- The fact of your membership helps us to demonstrate that what we are saying has wide community support. The money is far less important than your commitment. It helps us to add strength to our arguments when we are talking to policy makers.

- As a member, we'd love to have your physical or electronic help. Sending in photos, assisting with stalls, writing to your MP, or simply sharing something on Facebook are all awesome ways to help us out. We're sure you can think of some more.


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